First Post!

My good friend Alison has recently moved into our house for a couple of months while she begins her new career as a Westjet Flight Attendant. Alison’s always kept up a blog with her most recent blog tracking the days leading up to her wedding to David in September. She also put me on to her friend’s blog that tracks the daily adventures with her new baby girl.

I’m not a writer, but I thought I would try this out as a means to keep our loved ones in the loop with our pregnancy and the life of our soon-to-be little one.

I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant which means I’m finally through the first trimester. I have to say, I really didn’t have it too bad. My boss Ciara has a baby boy named Declan, who was born last summer and that was really the only pregnancy I’d ever witnessed on a daily basis. She had really bad morning sickness right up until about a month before Declan was born. With that in mind, I was envisioning a much worse first trimester.  Apart from occasional morning sickness, the only symptom I’ve really had is exhaustion. Which seems to be getting better so fingers crossed, this pregnancy will be a breeze 🙂

Brett and I had our first ultrasound on September 19th and were able to see the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive a photo from the ultrasound which is ok, as the baby didn’t really look like a baby at that time anyway. Last Monday, I had my first prenatal appointment where I was actually able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat through a Fetal Doppler. Brett unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the appointment as he had to write his exam to qualify as a Professional Engineer the same day. However, I attempted to record the audio with my phone and he says he was able to hear it…through a lot of static I’m sure. At the appointment on Monday, I receive my requisition form to set up our next ultrasound which will be the week of December 4th. This is the 18-20 week ultrasound and also the ultrasound where we will be able to learn the gender of our baby. Which I am very excited about!

Since I don’t have a belly, or an ultrasound photo to post, I’ll leave you with this….

Brett’s Aunt and Uncle have loaned us this super cute, vintage Pram for the baby. It’s been around for a while, I’m sure you could guess, we’re apparently the 10th baby to use it.


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