Baby Update

I made this cute little Baby Ticker for the update today. So today I’m 12 weeks and 2 days along and I thought I would post an update on the baby’s development this week.

Normally these pregnancy calendar’s relate the baby’s size to a fruit or vegetable but I actually wasn’t given a fruit this week. So we’ll say it’s somewhere between a large lime and a lemon 🙂 I was told it was a large lime at 11 weeks so maybe by the end of this week we can officially call it a lemon (no pun intended). Brett finds all the food references disturbing but I guess it helps us visualize the size.

This weeks big changes are:

*The baby learns to swallow and will practice with amniotic fluid (yuk)

*The baby develops nails on its fingers and toes

*And lastly, the baby’s vocal chords will have formed this week


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