It’s a boy!

I know I’ve been falling behind with these posts, it’s been pretty busy around here lately I guess. However, as many of you probably know, we had our ultrasound this week and were given the news that we’re expecting a baby boy!

That’s a photo from the ultrasound obviously 🙂

My Mom had a really hard time making out the baby in that picture…I guess when you haven’t been laying in front of the ultrasound screen watching it for 30 minutes it can be difficult. So for her, I put my wonderful artistic abilities to use and attempted to outline the baby’s profile. Hope this helps!

He’s a little cutie already isn’t he!

After the ultrasound I was really excited to buy a cute outfit for the baby since I’ve been holding off on buying anything until we found out the gender. I found this really cute polar fleece onesie at Old Navy. I love the bear ears on top hahaha. The tag says that it’s for baby’s 0-3 months but it looks huge to me for a newborn…I guess they grow fast though. It looks warm but keep in mind, where we live it’s winter until June 🙂

And finally, I attempted to take the first baby bump picture. It’s not great because I just went into the washrooms at work to take it so it’s pretty dark, hopefully you can see it. I’m 5 months now so we still have a lot of bump to see but it hasn’t really been photo worthy until recently.

That’s it I think for updates this week!


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