Christmas came early!

I had a very exciting day at work this week when my boss decided that we should leave work early at 2:00pm (we normally work until 6:00pm on weeknights) and go to her house to sort through all of her baby boy’s things that he no longer needs.

I wasn’t expecting to come home with as much as I did, I thought I would pick out a couple cute outfits but it turned out that when I got to her house, she had bags and bags full of things ready to load into my jeep!

So I spent the evening trying to sort through everything and of course I took a few pictures of the super cute things 🙂


Brett was out at a friends house when I came home with all the goodies so I texted him some of these pictures. He’s pretty impressed with the frog foot sleeper, he says he showed that photo to almost everyone he spoke to that night.



As you can see from the state of our living room there was a lot of clothes! I tried to sort it all so that I have everything for 3-6 months in one spot and 6-9 months in another…to me though a lot of the 9 month outfits looked the same size as some of the 4 month outfits so realistically we’ll just have to wait and see what fits him when.


And when I finally got through sorting everything that I had dumped on the floor, Brett and I decided it was a good time to decorate for Christmas! So, just for fun, here’s our pretty tree 🙂

On a side note, I’ve mentioned before how my weekly pregnancy calendar always references a food item when describing the current size of the baby. Previously it’s been a lemon, a mango etc. They do this to help you visualize the actual size. Anyway, I found this week’s description of the baby to be particularly amusing so I though’t I would share it haha. Sorry for the poor quality I tried to take it off my phone.


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