Baby’s first gifts :)

We received so many adorable little presents for the baby this Christmas and I just had to take some photo’s of them to share. These are the baby’s first gifts from family and friends so I want to remember them.

Fuzzy ducky hooded blanket from Auntie Julia
Winnie the Pooh pajamas from Nana (Karyn)

Alison made these adorable little booties, so cute!!! Also the football outfit which Brett will dress the baby up in for every game πŸ™‚

Gran (Linda) brought these little moose slippers home from a day in Canmore with Brett πŸ™‚

Nana made this one at Build a Bear for the little guy…this one I believe was his first stuffed animal.

A keepsake box with a baby record book for the first five years from Gran.

And these adorable two stuffed animals from Nana. The little lamb even says a little prayer in a cute child’s voice when you squeeze its foot.


One thought on “Baby’s first gifts :)

  1. Good grief Dear, there’s going to be nothing left to give when the little character finally arrives πŸ™‚
    Maybe we can start on graduation gifts?
    I particularly like the little red dinosaur. He’s got attitude to spare.

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