27 Weeks

I’m now 27 weeks! The baby can definitely be felt from the outside when he kicks which is pretty cool but also, you can see my whole bump jolt now at the same time. The pregnancy has been pretty good with the exception of a little bit of heart burn occasionally and I usually wake up with a bit of a back ache in the mornings. But, I’m getting braces on my teeth and I’m told that I should be getting them on in 4 weeks so this pregnancy is about to get a whole lot more uncomfortable. Might as well get all the discomfort out of the way at once though, just as long as I’m not expected to get my braces tightened the same week I should be going into labour…that might be a little too much pain at one time.

My Mom was asking for an updated belly picture so I took this one tonight.

Also, I received a package in the mail today from my Mom with a couple things from when I was a baby. I totally remember this blanket, can’t say the same for the onsie but I’m told it’s what I wore home from the hospital 🙂

And finally, she also included this blanket that she started to knit for the baby over the holidays and is now complete 🙂

Also the lovely crib that Brett’s Mom gave us will be arriving on Thursday! I attempted to pick it up on Saturday but the box was a little too big for our Jeep so our friends Jarret and Nicole will be getting it after work Thursday in their pick-up and I’m so excited to put it together! I’ll of course upload some nursery photo’s once the nursery is complete.


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