Breech Baby


Lots of updates from my doctors appointment this morning. I’m told that while it was suspected at the last appointment, the baby is officially considered to be in the breech position. The doctor said that (at least in Alberta) they will not allow vaginal delivery of breech babies anymore and so the adventures of a breech baby are beginning the first week of April.

I was a little surprised by this because I didn’t really think that the baby would have flipped by now. The doctor said that with subsequent pregnancies the baby may not flip until the week before labour but with a first pregnancy the baby should have flipped 2 weeks ago and should remain in that position from then onward. So the first week of April I have to have an ultrasound done to confirm the baby’s exact positioning and then the second week of April I have to go into the Hospital for a procedure called an External Cephalic Version.

The External Cephalic Version is a procedure where they will hook the baby and I up to an IV and monitor the baby’s heart rate while they attempt to manually flip the baby with their hands. I was told that this will be quite painful and that it has less then a 50% success rate. If they can’t flip the baby they will schedule a C-section for 39 weeks. If there are any signs of bleeding or decrease in the baby’s heart rate during the procedure they will do the C-section right then. Otherwise, if they are successful then we just wait for my body to go into labour. We don’t have confirmed dates yet other then the weeks when it’ll all happen. I was warned that a successful ECV can also cause labour. So at the time of the ECV I’ll be 37 weeks which means they consider the baby to be full term.

Of course there’s always the chance that the baby could still flip on his own, I guess they just don’t think it’s likely.

In other news (which I guess doesn’t really matter if I’m having a C-section) for the first time in months our baby is actually measuring an appropriate size hahaha. So I no longer have to have nightmares about giving birth to a baby the size of a 3 month old 🙂 I guess he just did all his growing earlier on and now he’s slowed right down. He measured the same as he did a couple weeks ago and a couple weeks ago he was measuring ahead, which had been consistent since before Christmas…so we’re good now. The doctor was really excited for me that we were finally measuring a normal size and told me to keep up the good work, I’m not sure I did anything…other then eat lots of cake haha.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the dates for things but for those of you planning trips for the end of April/start of May it doesn’t look like you’ll miss the baby, he may even beat you out by a couple weeks.


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