Wiggling baby and some new things!

First, I was soooo excited this morning that I was actually able to catch some baby wiggles on video. He moves around all day long but normally as soon as I reach for the camera he stops so I’ve never actually been able to capture anything on video. Today while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist I just happened to have my phone in my hand and was able to get a couple kicks!

Pretty cute!

When Brett and I got home today and checked the mail, we had a parcel from my Mom with the finished quilt for the baby’s crib and it looks so great! She sent me fabric to make up a crib skirt too which I haven’t done yet. For the photo, I’ve just tucked the fabric under the mattress. I’ll try to make the skirt this weekend but for now, the nursery is all done! Here’s a photo of the finished room and one of the finished quilt too.

Here’s one of me at 34 weeks. It’s not a great belly shot but you can sorta see it I guess.

Last week I posted about all the clothes we had received from Brett’s co-worker and I did finally manage to sort through them all. I found a few super cute outfits for the summer and these are my favourites! Now I just need a sandy beach to take him to 🙂

Finally, here’s our new travel system! We took a trip up to Cross Iron Mills and bought it with gift cards that we had from both Grant & Erna and Alec & Sarah so thank you to both!

Looks pretty cozy in there. We still have to install the mount for the car seat portion into the car but I think Brett’s going to do that this weekend.

I’m sure these posts will become much more interesting to you all when the photo’s start to be of the actual baby haha…I doubt you’re all as excited as I am about a picture of a car seat but at least you feel kept in the loop right?

Well, I can hear Brett eating from the bag of Twizzler Nibs in the living room and I don’t want to miss out on any of the candy so I better be quick. That’s all the I have for updates for now.


2 thoughts on “Wiggling baby and some new things!

  1. I loved seeing your belly move. It reminds me of you and Julia before you were born and I would watch you moving around in my belly. That is just so precious. Thanks for putting it up. The quilt looks great in the nursery. Don’t forget to wash it before you use it with the baby.

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