The Waiting Game

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I don’t have too much to update on and unfortunately no new pictures to share, I’m too big now for photo’s 🙂 The above one however was taken at work on my last day.

Baby is head down now so we’re just waiting for him to decide that it’s time to enter the world 🙂 I have my hospital bags packed and ready to go just in case he comes a little early, which would be just lovely. At my last doctors appointment the doctor sent me home with all of my medical records from the pregnancy so I can take them to the hospital with me when it’s time to go. So the waiting game has begun but so far no signs of anything. I spend a lot of time on Google reading other people’s experiences with labour and it sure doesn’t seem like I’ve experienced any of the false labour or other early labour symptoms that these women talk about. No pregnancy related trips to the hospital yet (other then a sprained rib) so I guess I’ll just know when it’s time to go and hopefully that’s not two weeks after the due date.


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