2 weeks old.

We have had a couple of busy weeks with our new little guy at home. He’s already become quite traveled for a 2 week old. Clay has made numerous trips into Calgary, a couple visits to Elbow Falls, Kananaskis, Cochrane, Lake Louise and Banff. Plus he had visits with his Grandma, Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Julia.

With all our visits complete we begin a 4 week stretch of just Mom, Dad and Clay. Today has been pretty quiet so far and Clay is currently sleeping on the couch with Brett, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to update everyone on our lives as new parents.

First, here are some of my favourite photo’s from the first weeks at home:

As a new Mom, the first couple of weeks has been pretty overwhelming but I’m starting to feel like we’re getting into a groove. Clay is starting to develop a sleep pattern at night. He’s awake and feeding for a good two and a half hours in the middle of the night but otherwise he usually lets me get about 6 hours of sleep….just not consecutive hours. I’m starting to get comfortable with taking him out of the house for the day, nursing on the run and diaper changes in the backseat of the car. Which is nice because it felt like learning to nurse the baby kept me locked away in the bedroom for most of the first days. I’ve also learned that I can’t go anywhere without extra clothes because Clay’s little chicken legs cause a lot of diaper blow outs!

We were told that we couldn’t give him a proper bath until his stub fell off. Once that happened, at about a week, Brett was so excited to give him his first bath. We undressed him and wrapped him up in his towel while we got the bath ready. Looking at Clay, so content in his towel, in Daddy’s arms, I felt so bad for him; he had no idea what was coming. I had watched the nurse at the hospital bath him and he was not a fan. Of course, as soon as his butt hit the water he started to scream, poor little guy. He has since had a few more, he’s still not a fan but maybe one day he’ll learn to like the bath.


And after…

The face he’s making in the bath picture is one of my favourites. He starts to cry and then he stops making sound but puts on this perfect sad face that makes me laugh. It sounds mean but it’s just such a pouty face. Julia caught it on video once….I hesitated putting this up because I don’t want to seem like a bad Mother laughing at my baby while he cry’s but it’s just the face that he makes gets me every time.

Since Clay and I were in the hospital when he was born, we decided to celebrate his birthday on his one week birthday. Mom, Julia and I made dirt cake which we used to make for our birthday’s when we were growing up. Clay didn’t know about it since he slept through dinner but he will learn to love dirt cake once he starts eating food 🙂

We also made impressions on his hands and feet as a keepsake.

Here are some more photo’s from the last week.

When my Dad was visiting we decided to take a trip out to Lake Louise. It had been warm in Calgary recently so we were a little surprised to see that the lake was still frozen. It was warm enough to take a walk though so Clay took his first trip in his carrier. It’s hard to see him in there with Brett but he’s there and he was a huge hit at the lake.

Saying goodbye to Auntie Julia at the airport

The new thing lately is that Clay is spending a lot more time awake between feedings. It’s still hard to catch a photo of him looking at the camera because he’s generally pretty locked on whatever caught his eye but it’s nice to see his eyes open so much now. Here’s one from this morning playing with Brett.


2 thoughts on “2 weeks old.

  1. I love that you have this blog. Pictures are great and the video priceless. I saw it on my iphone first but had to see it on my laptop to really appreciate it. It’s almost as good as being there.

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