3 Weeks old – First Photo Shoot

Our friend Alison (who happens to be fantastic with a camera) flew out to visit this week and took so many wonderful photo’s for us! Here are some of my favourite photo’s from the first day Alison was out. There are so many more to come as well that are still to be edited but I’ll post them as soon as they are ready. I just love the one of Clay being burped…such a cute look on his face!

Clay is also in the middle of his first growth spurt which has been lovely. He pretty much cries all day and then falls asleep on Brett as soon as he gets home from work. Prompting Brett to say “he’s not fussy at all.” Then he’s awake all night with me haha. However, I’ve read that these should only last a few days when they come and he is actually noticeably bigger. I think his lowest weight (when we left the hospital) was about 6.5 lbs and yesterday he was 8.2 lbs.

Well that’s all for now, Clay and I have some running around to do today and tomorrow to get ready for Brett’s birthday party on Saturday!



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