5 Months

Hello everyone!

We have been a busy little family lately. We travelled to Ontario recently to attend 2 weddings of our friend’s from highschool. Was lovely to be in Ontario just as the leaves began to change to their bright red colours, we certainly don’t see that in Alberta as we don’t have Maple trees. Although, when we did arrive back in Calgary, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the leaves here had almost all changed and many were already on the ground. Clay and I took the opportunity to take some fun photo’s out in the leaves.

We spent some of the afternoon downtown Calgary in Prince’s Island Park. Which is a gorgeous island park at any time of the year but particularly in the summer.

Brett unfortunately was working up north on this day, however, we do have plans to take Clay to a pumpkin patch on Saturday which I’m sure will be another great photo opportunity. My sister-in-law Sarah sent us home with a little pumpkin costume as well..so naturally I will dress Clay as a pumpkin for our afternoon at the pumpkin patch.

As you may have noticed from our little photo shoot in the park, Clay can sit!!! YaY 🙂

Although, I have to say he isn’t very good at it yet. (see videos)

We had Clay’s 5 month doctors appointment today and Clay now weighs 15 lbs (25th percentile) and is 26 inches long ( 50th percentile.) Our doctor also said that in 2 weeks we should start giving him infant cereal and then in another 2 weeks we can start with some baby foods. Brett’s off work this week as he’s working 7 day shifts up north, which meant he was able to attend Clay’s doctor appointment and he was soooo excited to be there. Coincidentally, Clay must have also been happy he was there because he would cry every time Brett put him down. It was pretty cute.

Well that’s it for now!



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