Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a busy busy week, well I have. Brett was up North for work all week and Clay was invited to 2 baby Halloween parties and also a play date with a couple other babies.

Given that this was Clay’s first Halloween, I probably should have been excited enough to think about looking for a Halloween costume for him months ago but I went out shopping for a costume 2 hours before his first party. And I found that the stock was limited to say the least. All the other Mom’s at the parties said they ordered their baby’s Halloween costume 2 months ago. Geesh! Well, I did eventually find Clay a cute little puppy dog costume and we made it to the party in plenty of time!

Clay’s first party (he’s the little puppy in the corner)

We really attempted for a while to line all the babies up for a photo but it always seemed like at least one was crawling away 🙂

Then, yesterday afternoon was the other Halloween party we were invited to. He’ll probably wear his puppy outfit tonight when we’re handing out candy at home, so I thought for the party yesterday I would dress him in the little pumpkin outfit that Sarah sent us home with.

Looks like Clay’s telling Reid a secret haha.

Here’s a cute little video of Clay waiting patiently to leave for his party. Note, that he is sucking his thumb at the start of that video…when did that start? I’ve never seen him suck his thumb before, or since then actually. But when I walked in the room he was just laying on the floor sucking away on it .

I’ll try to upload a picture of the three of us dressed up to hand out candy tonight as well if I get the chance.

So that wasn’t the only thing keeping me busy this week. As I said, Brett was in Fort McMurray and I got the great idea that this would be a good week to paint my kitchen cupboards. It’s almost done now, so here’s a before and after shot. Of course, I’m baking (caramel macchiato muffins, they’re good I just had one.)

I have to say, when I got to this point (see below) I thought to myself “Oh boy, what have a gotten myself into and how am I going to get those doors back on by myself?”

I’m pretty sure the doors were 30 pounds each and while that is probably an exaggeration it was definitely difficult to hold them in place with one hand above my head and screw with my left hand!

Then, when I got the primer on I thought “This really isn’t what I thought it would look like.” Then the panic set in and I thought “I probably should have consulted with Brett before I did this!” But there was no turning back at that point. Somehow, in my mind I thought this would be a 2 night project. I say night because I was alone with Clay all week so I could only do it in the evenings when Clay went to bed. But no, let me just say that it’s still not done. My goal shifted to thinking “Since I didn’t ask Brett about doing this, I really better make sure we have a functioning kitchen when he gets home!”

But at last, he arrived home this evening and LUCKILY, he laughed when he saw the kitchen 🙂 Now if only I could convince him that his foosball table probably doesn’t belong in our kitchen.

Well, until next time!


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Kendra — you are the cutest!! I love the pictures of all the dressed up babies on the floor! That is hilarious to me for some reason! Also, you did such an amazing job on the cupboards!! I love that Brett laughed when he saw them! I can totally picture that. But seriously — they look so amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing them this upcoming week!! I honestly think I will do the same to mine now!! Great job!!

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