Clay is 6 months old :)

Yesterday was our little Clay’s half birthday! We didn’t celebrate but of course we did do his monthly photos so here they are…

These photos are getting both easier and more difficult to take if that’s possible. It’s easier to position him now that he can hold himself up but at the same time now he’s like “oh there’s a toy beside me, I should play with that”. He kept grabbing at the board and pushing it over haha. Oh well, we managed to get a few good ones.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook, here’s a little growth comparison for you.

He’s huge now compared to his teddy!

Brett’s still home this week so we’ll all go tomorrow for Clay’s 6 month check-up at the doctors office. However, in more exciting news Clay was able to start trying out solid foods this week now that he’s 6 months. He’s been having the baby cereal for a couple weeks and he does really well with that but this was his first week tasting any real foods. So I’m making his baby food at home and I have a book that suggests what things to start with. We started with pureed avocado yesterday and Brett took a video to capture Clay’s reaction to his first food and it’s pretty funny so I’ll share it below. Since Clay clearly was NOT an avocado fan we tried banana today and he was much happier to eat that 🙂


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