Happy Holidays!

Finally! This is about 3 weeks late but Clay really wasn’t feeling well and was not up for smiling for the camera. So this is his 7 month picture, unfortunately you can’t see the number 7 in the picture. I normally have more time to position him around a bit to get the right shot but I was really rushing just to make sure that we got it done at all this time.
photo (18)

We’re finally back in Alberta and back to being healthy after a visit in Ontario followed by a pretty difficult couple of weeks getting over colds. Clay got his first cold followed by an ear infection, poor little guy. Lucky for us, it all cleared up just in time for Christmas.

He didn’t do much of anything while he was sick, but then the first day he was feeling better he crawled! First time ever, he waited until Brett and I were both in the room and then took a good 7 steps across the room. Unfortunately, he’s never done it again since. And of course I didn’t capture it on camera. I ran to get my camera as soon as he face planted, hoping that he would get up and do it again but this was all I could capture.

So, still waiting on him to crawl again, it’s been about a week now since the big event.

I normally can’t handle holding off on Christmas decorating past the last weekend in November and since we were in Ontario until the 12th of December I had to wait for what felt like forever to put up our tree. Meanwhile, I helped put up Linda’s tree and my Mom’s tree and saw everyone else’s gorgeous Christmas decor. It really was driving me crazy that I couldn’t do my own yet. So, Clay and I arrived home on December 13th around midnight, I put Clay to bed and put up one tree. I couldn’t even wait until the morning! But Brett was up north all week so we had to wait until he got home on the 19th to get the real tree. Here we are, all ready for Christmas!


So yesterday was Christmas (at least it was still yesterday where we are, I guess for all of you in Ontario it’s already the 27th) but Clay’s first Christmas was great! We have so many thank yous to say still but we did have a chance to skype with all the parents and siblings on Christmas day which was great. Almost like we were there with you….almost…not quite. But our little family Christmas here was pretty nice! Clay helped to open so many presents, he really loved the wrapping paper!
photo (19)
photo (21)
Clay clearly had a lot of outfit changes on Christmas morning, he’s a messy boy. I think his “My 1st Christmas” overalls lasted about an hour.

He also got a pretty cool rocking horse for Christmas…which I’m sure will be more fun in a few months but he’s pretty impressed with the sounds it makes now anyway.

While we were in Ontario Clay got to hang out with his cousins a bit. I tried to get some pictures of all the little ones together but they move around so sporadically that I hardly got any clear pictures.

Here’s me with cute baby Leah though!
photo (26)
photo (22)
photo (24)
photo (23)

This is getting really long so I’ll stop now. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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