The start of a new year!



Happy New Year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Our start has been great so far! Brett was off last week so we had the whole week together and he even had two days skiing in Banff. Clay has been so wonderful since he started feeling better. He had a rough couple of weeks but came out of it crawling, climbing and pulling himself up to stand against anything and everything he could find. I actually was able to catch his first (well second) crawl on video this time. I think I mentioned before that he crawled once in front of both Brett and myself but then didn’t do it again for a couple of weeks. Well then one morning he just started to crawl towards me and since then (that’s the video) he’s been all over the place and into everything. He pulls all the DVD’s off the shelves, then he crawls over to the ottoman which houses/hides all of his toys, pulls himself up and starts pulling things out of it.

I also FINALLY captured a picture of Clay that shows off his new teeth. My Mom’s been asking for a picture that shows his teeth but they’re so little that his tongue is usually covering them in pictures. Well Mom, here’s a nice one for you ๐Ÿ™‚ ….click to enlarge it.


Oh, also a good shot of the teeth….although Clay is clearly upset here.


I snapped those two pics this afternoon at his playdate. Here’s another one of the two of us from this afternoon.


Brett took that one of Clay and I sitting in our front window this afternoon before we headed off for Clay’s playdate. Have I mentioned that I really can’t wait to get my braces off..sort of a side note there. I’ve gotten used to smiling without trying to hide them but I still always feel like they ruin an otherwise nice photo.

Anyway, on a way more exciting note, Brett booked our family a trip to Hawaii! I have a pretty awesome Husband, I know. So we’re leaving on the 29th and will be enjoying the beautiful sunshine and company of Grant and Erna for a whole two weeks!!!! Neither of us have been before, although Linda may claim that Brett’s been because she went when she was pregnant with him but this time it will be different for sure. So everyone say your prayers for us and ask that Clay be a quiet, sleepy, happy baby for the 15 hours that he is confined to my lap on an airplane ๐Ÿ™‚ That will be a rough day for sure but I think, worth it.

I’ll leave you all with these cute shots of Clay.

IMG_2998 copy




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