The New Normal

I’m sure that all of you (well maybe not all) just like me, have a slight addiction to Pinterest. The sight that allows you to “pin” all kinds of great ideas for home organization, fitness, fashion, practical solutions etc. that you have found all across the internet, in one place for future reference. Well, Pinterest also allows you to access the sight where the idea was originally pinned from. This second feature has made me become a pretty avid blog follower.

What’s interesting to me though is the amount of Mom’s with online blogs who seem to have the time to work-out, cook healthy meals, excersize, shop for the latest fashions, dress to the nines even when they are home all day, do their hair and make-up, create all kinds of crafts and DIY projects which they later post on their blogs etc.

Like, for example this Mom of a 3 year old boy and baby girl Clay’s age. Yesterday she posted a tutorial on how to style your hair to go to the gym. Here’s her suggested style for this specific outing:

Her blog post explains with photos a step by step tutorial on how exactly she did this hairstyle perfect for her workout at the gym. Starting with curling your hair prior to styling it into this lovely braid.

Seriously? How do you manage to clean your hair, curl it, style it, go to the gym then write a tutorial and post all this on a blog with a baby and a toddler? I’m actually curious I mean if you see this, I’d love to know the outline of your time management and what the kids are doing while this all happens. I’m seriously in need of this advice.

You would think one baby isn’t that much work but Clay is at this really mobile curious stage where he wants to climb on everything, pull himself up on everything and put anything in his mouth. Yesterday I caught him bringing the cat’s food to his mouth. I stopped it from happening but it was close! And while he wants to walk along all of our furniture he is by no means stable enough to do so freely without being spotted. Not to mention that we have hardwood floors that are really unforgiving on my poor baby’s head when he does fall.

When Clay goes down for an hour nap, I can select one of (not all of) ONE of the following activities to complete during that time:
*Style hair/get dressed/do make-up
*Clean the house
*Use the computer
*Make a phone call
*Eat a meal

I’m sure you see my point but to further clarify, this means choose to excersize…but not enough time to follow that up with a shower. Or shower but not enough time to dry hair and style it etc.

So I clearly need help with my time management because currently if I look like this:


then there is a really good chance that my kitchen looks like this:

…actually I deleted that picture because it was too awful haha.

Of course, I definitely do have more time to myself when Brett’s in Calgary.

So today I decided to implement some sort of a schedule for Clay’s morning nap. 20 minutes cleaning, 20 minutes getting dressed and doing hair and make-up, 20 minutes at the computer with a granola bar (my first meal of the day at 1:00pm ha!) I think it’s a good new plan, I have the time to post this right?

Well my kitchen isn’t perfect, it looks like this after my 20 minute timer rang:


My hair does not look like the lovely example set by the Mother above but at least when someone random knocks on the door at 3:00 this afternoon A: I wont be answering it still in my robe and yes this has happened before. B: have at least SOME make-up on my face and C: whoever is at the door wont think I’m a hoarder from their brief glance at the entryway 🙂 So it’s not perfect but…works for me!

And now, to make me feel like I can somewhat compare to the award worthy mothers I see online….

Here is Clay’s little 8 month update! P.S these are a little late (like 2.5 weeks) because I couldn’t find time to do the chalkboard hahaha.


And then Clay wakes up and honestly with a baby this cute, who’s thinking about their kitchen?

8 Months

We’re off to go climb around the soft play zone at the mall!



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