First day in Hawaii

We’re about to head out into town but I think I have a few minutes to write down a little bit about our trip so far.

Brett, Clay and myself are all in beautiful Hawaii on our first ever family vacation! We’re staying with Brett’s aunt and uncle at their home which is in the town of Princeville on the island of Kaua’i. They call Kaua’i the Garden Island because it is the most lush out of all the Hawaiian islands. I believe I also heard it is the 2nd least traveled island which has been nice as well. Yesterday we went down to Hanalei Bay and had about 500 feet of private beach. In total their may have been about 20 people at the beach that I saw all afternoon. Definitely not the busy resort feel that I’m used to seeing in tropical climates.

Grant and Erna live in a really pretty neighborhood. These pictures are looking out over the pool, you can see some of the neighboring homes as well.


On our first full day we went for a little walk around the community followed by an afternoon in the pool. Pretty relaxed which was much needed after our long travel day. The golf course at Grant and Erna’s overlooks the ocean with a really pretty view you can see here:


We saw so many chickens on this walk, that was probably the strangest thing that I wasn’t expecting to see. They are everywhere.


Clay was really great on the flight actually probably the best behavior he’s ever had on a plane ride so far. However, the time change has messed him up a little bit. He ended up staying up really late the first night and not really taking his regular naps on our first full day. By the time we reached the pool Clay was really struggling to stay awake. Luckily, we had this great lounger for him to rest in at the pool. It’s pink because we borrowed it from his little girl friend Blayke back home in Calgary.

He did liven up after a little rest in his floater and then proceeded to stick his tongue out for the rest of the afternoon which is apparently his new favourite thing to do!


Here Clay is wearing his little Hawaiian outfit that Grant and Erna had waiting in our room. He looks so cute here, like he’s headed to a safari haha.


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