Hanalei Bay

We had a really nice afternoon at Hanalei Bay the other day and I got the cutest pictures of Clay playing in the sand!  Here is a shot of the bay, it was so quiet and as you can see from the photo’s not at all crowded. Just the odd person walking their dog along the beach.



This was Clay’s first time seeing the ocean…I’m not sure that he thought much of it but he did watch the waves a little. Grant and Erna brought some sand toys for him which he really loved. At one point we had a pail full of water that we were using to wet the sand a little. Clay began putting his hand into the pail and licking the salt water off of his fingers which was pretty funny. We took it away from him though thinking it probably wasn’t a good idea. Then he decided if he couldn’t eat the salt water he would eat the sand and reached down for a big handful of sand. Brett grabbed his hand so he couldn’t put it in his mouth and he simultaneously filled his other hand with sand and stuck that in his mouth. Then he stuck his tongue out and smiled showing off all the sand in his mouth haha. Probably tasted pretty bad but he didn’t seem to mind it I guess. Luckily it didn’t happen again.

Here’s Clay watching the waves come in.





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