Last post from Hawaii :(

Well we are just beginning our last day in Hawaii 😦 It’s been such a nice couple of weeks though and luckily Brett doesn’t have to go back to work for another week once we get home. As great as vacations are, I am looking forward to returning home due to Clay’s strange vacation sleep schedule. It’s currently 5:30am and my normally good sleeper decided that it was morning at 4:15am today which has been a pretty regular occurrence the last couple of weeks. Hopefully things will return to normal when we’re back in Alberta.

I’ve been taking so many pictures to document our trip (like a couple hundred a day!) that I haven’t had enough time to sort through them all. So, I just thought to cap off our time here I would post just a few more favourites that I’ve come across.


The above picture was one that Brett took of Clay and I at a grotto here in Kauai that is a popular wedding destination. This was part of a day trip that Grant and Erna brought us on which included a boat ride up the Wailua River that lead to the grotto.

This was on the river, taken from the boat:

Here’s a shot of the grotto, there was lots of hanging fern all over the place.


The cave that can be seen on the left is where people are married. You can kind of see the stairs that lead up to that cave and you can’t tell from my photo but it’s actually 12 feet tall so there’s plenty of space. While we were there they performed the Hawaiian wedding song and had a hula dancer.




After the boat ride up the river we went to a traditional Hawaiian Luau! I was pretty excited about this 🙂
At the luau they cook the pig in an underground fire pit so they dug out the pig with everyone watching.


This was followed by a big feast consisting of some traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Most of it was pretty great but I wasn’t a fan of the poi! In Hawaii, when something is good you say “ono” (pronounced oh no) so the Hawaiians at the luau often joked about the poi saying that when something tastes good you say ono but when you eat the poi you say “Oh No!” …anyway, they know it’s not great haha. Everything else though tasted wonderful.

Here’s some shots from the Luau:



The luau was held on a private family’s land. They probably own the nicest piece of land on the island, it’s huge and right on the Wailua river. I think they said 6 generations of their family have had that land. You can see some photo’s from the property above.

There were so many peacocks roaming around as well.


Following the meal they had a show that was probably about an hour and of course was full of Hula dancing! I don’t have any really great pictures of it because they said no flash photography and it was pretty dark out.

This is going back a few days now and we had so many beach days I can’t say for sure which beach this was. I think it was Anini beach.


Clay found himself a piece of coral.


And here is one last shot of Clay and I at Anini beach as well.


One thought on “Last post from Hawaii :(

  1. I love these photos. Hawaii is definitely on the bucket list now. I absolutely have to have a copy of the photo of you and Clay at the top of this page. Please WhatsApp it to my phone when you have a chance.

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