Well as I’m sure you can tell from the lack of posts lately, life just isn’t as exciting when you’re not in Hawaii haha. However, I know that Grant and Erna are probably missing Clay’s morning marathons and cute smiles so I should probably give a quick update.

So we arrived home from Hawaii on Wednesday afternoon (Feb 13th) and that was a long day, like a really long day. I think we arrived at the airport in Hawaii at about 7:00pm the night before so you can imagine how long that is with a baby. Granted their is a 3 hour time difference but just the same it was 15.5 hours of travel between driving to and from airports, waiting for connecting flights and actual flying time. Luckily though Clay slept 14 hours the night we arrived home and was right back to his regular schedule, so that was easier then I expected.

That week we went to our first family hockey game which was a lot of fun…except our team lost.

Here’s Clay (such a boy) getting all animated over how poorly his team was playing haha.

P.S can you tell how high up we were? Like, really high, scary high. I was nervous every time Clay moved! I tried to get us better seats but with the shortened hockey season this year this was the best I could do.


The next day Clay (and Brett and I) attended his little friend Archer’s 1st birthday party! Soooo cute! I can’t wait to do birthday parties for Clay πŸ™‚ And after the party our friends came out to our house to go ice skating, which was also a first for Clay. Of course he wasn’t wearing skates, we just brought his stroller onto the rink and skated around pushing him. Worked out well though.

And that’s where any exciting news ends. Clay has a cold this week (is it just me or does Clay always have a cold haha) so he’s pretty tired. However, I am pretty proud of myself because staying home all week allowed me to get this done to my basement…


Whoa, there’s actually a floor down there? Ya…I know, the before pictures look like they should be on an episode of hoarders. Well that’s part one done, now we can actually have those contractors walk through it next week to discuss getting started on our big basement reno πŸ™‚

And going back to the very first picture in this post, I’m STILL going through all of our Hawaii photo’s…I haven’t even seen them all yet! But I found that one and thought it was worth sharing. It was from a tour we took of a coffee plantation. On the plantation there was this tree and literally almost every leaf on the tree had names and dates of tourists which was pretty cool. You couldn’t tell until you were up close but here’s another shot.


That’s all for this week I think, time for me to get some sleep. And on that note, I’ll leave you with this picture of my little honey fast asleep on his Daddy πŸ™‚




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  1. Hey, I’m glad you had such a great holiday. Treasure the memories. I’m also glad to know you are all back home well and happy. I don’t envy you that 15 hour journey with a baby. Although maybe your timing wasn’t too bad. Your Grandma and I took your Uncle David to England when he was 18 months and VERY mobile. He ran the aisles all the way and then in customs lay down on the floor to sleep. I had to slide him along with one foot like an old bag. Love.

    • hahahaha. Well it wasn’t that bad. He did want to walk up an down the aisles on the plane and while waiting at the gates, which means someone has to hold his hands. But through the airports they always let us bring the stroller right up to the gate which was helpful.

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