As always I’m late haha, I realized that I didn’t post Clay’s 9 month photo so here it is…


We’ve actually been so busy around the house though. Brett and I decided to paint the living room/dining room last week, in just a couple short days leading up to a baby shower that we were supposed to be hosting at our house. Luckily all the painting got done and everything was cleaned up and put back into place in plenty of time and I love our bright new living space so much!

Here’s the old colour:

And now:

Old dining room:


And now:


I’m always so amazed at how different a can of paint can make a room feel. We also had our contractor over about 4 times this week and have just signed off on our final floorplan and timeline for the development of our basement. So exciting! Currently, the completion date is set for the week of April 29th which would be awesome because then we could have Clay’s birthday party down there πŸ™‚ Either way, I’m beyond excited for the new space and the plans sound great with a huge rec space, guest room, washroom, gym and pretty laundry set up. Although nap time at our house (for Clay) may become non-existent with contractors hammering all day Monday – Friday for 8 weeks. That, or he’ll become a really deep sleeper.

As I mentioned before, we were going to be hosting a baby shower for our friends Rose and Galen at our house this past weekend. They’re expecting a baby boy mid April πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, we had a bad snow storm that morning and jointly decided to push the shower to another weekend due to the road conditions. Anyway, we were left Monday morning with a bunch of balloons all over the place and decided to sneak in some pictures of Clay playing among them πŸ™‚

IMG_5594_edited-1 CB


IMG_5621_edited-1 CB

IMG_5622_edited-1 CB

Actually that was Julia’s idea, we were all sitting in the living room and Julia was like “It’s kinda funny how Clay’s just sitting around with a bunch of ‘It’s a Boy!’ balloons, 10 months later.” Oh, and yes Julia is here! That was also a surprise this week to us and also to her haha. She was sent her flight itinerary from Kandahar to Toronto (with stops in Dubai and London England along the way) and was informed once she reached London that she had been switched onto a flight to here! Same country, why not! So luckily, I saw a message from her about 2 hours before she was landing and was able to go pick her up. Her luggage was sent to Toronto though so that only just arrived today.

Well, I think that’s it for today. We do have some more updates but I think they’ll have to wait for another post.



2 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for the 9 month pix. Boy, is he growing! As for the paint jobs, although the brown was pleasingly warm I can see that you will really enjoy the increased brightness.
    So glad that Julia has been able to touch down with you. And by the way, what is the cat’s name?

  2. He’s growing so quickly! I remember when he was born we received a pair of 9 month pajamas as a gift and Brett said “those are huge, he wont fit those at 9 months” and he’s wearing them tonight haha.
    Our cat’s name (I say “our cat” but Brett would say he doesn’t have a cat, his wife does) is Chace, but he’s almost always referred to as Monkey πŸ™‚

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