I am exhausted so this wont be long, probably just a few pictures from the week. I feel like we had a really busy week although I can’t seem to remember what we did that makes me think that haha. We had a couple of play-dates at our house this week for Clay. A big play group here on Tuesday which was fun, about 5 of Clay’s little baby friends and their Moms came over for the afternoon. I wish I had some pictures of all the little cuties playing but unfortunately I didn’t take any.

Probably the most exciting news of this week though is that Clay has started dancing! It’s sooooo cute, I bought him this little music table and every time he hears the music come on he starts to bop. He has to hold onto the table though with one hand because he can’t stand by himself yet. He has one hand on the table and the other arm is out to his side (looks like his surfing) and he bops. I so badly want to catch him dancing on video but so far he just stops and looks at me when I get the camera out. He also started clapping his hands this week which is pretty cute while it lasts, unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. He watches really attentively as we clap our hands, then he looks out at his hands and puts them together for about 5 claps. At this point he decides it would be more fun to clap his belly and cheek. One hand claps his cheek as the other claps his belly simultaneously…it’s actually pretty cute.

Here’s a couple pictures of Clay eating lunch today (I know, really exciting) but this is all I have for you this week haha.




Everything is a photo opportunity at this house haha. I probably take 50 pictures of Clay a day, I wonder when that will stop.

I think I’m going to head off to bed but I’ll just finish with these last few photos. This afternoon Clay’s little friend came over to play with him. He is a couple months older then Clay and Clay just followed him around like a puppy dog haha. Everywhere he went, every toy he played with Clay was two steps behind him. For some reason the photo’s all turned out to be really fuzzy (I’m not great a capturing small, quick moving people haha) (2)



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  1. Clay’s hair has really lightened. When I see him on his own he looks like a big boy but when I see him with another baby he looks so little. What a sweetie!
    Your home is looking lovely.

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