Just a nose picking kind of night…


Hi everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to take Clay’s 10 month picture yet, I’m just waiting now for my sister to get back here so that she can help distract Clay while I snap away. It’s a two-three person job to keep a baby sitting on a chair with a teddy haha. I’ve thought about posting some of the “blooper” shots before because they can be pretty funny. It’s like in 150 shots there will be one good one and 149 crazy baby trying to dive head first off the chair shots. But in the mean-time, here he is with his 10 month board!

IMG_5976 (2)_edited-1

The new developments you may notice are that he now has FOUR teeth…finally, it’s taken about 2 months for the top two to actually break through the gum and stay. I think I mentioned that one of those was helped through the gum with a little head bump on his crib railing followed by a mouth full of blood 😦 But they’re here now and they haven’t disappeared lately which is great! Really weird by the way how baby teeth show up and disappear a few times before they actually stay. And I’ll just clear up (because I know someone will comment) about the “made by Galen” note on the sleeve of Clay’s shirt. When we were pregnant Rose and Galen, hosted a baby shower for us where people made home-made onsies for Clay and that shirt Clay is wearing is the onsie that Galen made him.

Brett thought that an honest Mom, who truthfully wanted to remember her son exactly how he was at 10 months, should have written in the board that he loves picking his nose. But I thought no, I don’t really want his new found love for nose picking forever documented in his development pictures. However, we do have a funny video of Clay from dinner that I suppose is worth sharing, though quite disgusting. Truthfully, this is dinnertime at our house some nights and tonight was one of them haha.

We’ve had a great week, it went by really fast it seems. Brett’s Mom Linda was out to visit us for a couple days which was great. Clay definitely loved all of the extra attention he was getting from his Gran πŸ™‚

Our contractors are starting on our basement tomorrow!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this πŸ™‚ But it did add a little stress to the week just in terms of cleaning out absolutely everything before they arrive tomorrow morning. So now, in the meantime our garage is full of everything that normally lives in the basement. But this is the great thing about having a contractor do the job, it wont take us a year for it to get done. We did however find a new home for our old double bed that’s been hanging out in the dark basement for the last year. It was moved into our back living room and while I saw it up against the wall I thought, that would probably fit in Clay’s room. So with a little re-arranging we now have a double bed in Clay’s room too. And I kinda feel like I should have thought about that sooner. Now guests can sleep there when needed and Clay can stay in our room for the night, that is, if we ever buy a pack and play.

So Brett and I did a little shopping this morning to pick out all of our little basement details, flooring, tiles, cabinets, counter tops etc. That was a little more difficult then I thought it would be. I guess I envisioned that it would all be at one or two locations. But the tiles were at a tile store, the hardwood at a hardwood store. Even the cabinets and counters were at separate and specific cabinet and counter stores. So we’d pick the counters then drive to another store to look at tiles but you don’t have your counter with you to compare colours etc. Anyway, I think we did an okay job and hopefully it will come together alright.

On Sunday we hosted a baby shower at our house for a couple of friends and our friend Robyn took these cute pictures of Clay during the festivities πŸ™‚


Here he’s doing his nose scrunching which seems to be his favourite face to make these days.


Talk to you soon,


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