It’s Clayton’s First Birthday!

12 months 1 cropped

12 months 2

Today our little dude has been in our life for one year. Last night, Clay and I had a long cuddle at bedtime as I reminisced on the first day that we met him. And because I’m a little bit cheesy, I decided to put together a little video recap of the first year of Clay’s life.

So excited to throw him a little birthday party when we return from Ontario 🙂


A little side story about the pictures at the top. Clay and I took those yesterday afternoon in our front yard which for the most part worked out alright. Except that Clay made it his mission to try to escape the basket the entire time. At one point he was standing up in the basket and I guess he leaned against the back side of the basket and it fell over knocking him onto his head and then landed on top of him. Pretty funny to watch 🙂 poor little guy though.


2 thoughts on “It’s Clayton’s First Birthday!

  1. That was a wonderful little video of Clayton’s first year. It’s amazing how fast it passed. I’d love it if you could What’s app it to me.

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