My little toddler!

Sorry it has been so long!

We’ve been keeping pretty busy around here. Clay just returned home from spending a weekend with his Uncle Grant and Auntie Erna. He had so much fun and was so spoiled, I’m pretty sure he didn’t even realize that I was gone. And while Clay visited with Grant and Erna, I had a great relaxing weekend with some friends in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.


Clay was a great sport for the drive out to their place. We stopped about every hour and a half for some playground time which seemed to work well. We also saw three Bears on our drive through the mountains 🙂

Here’s just a cute picture of Clay from one of our park stops during our drive:

This morning Brett, Julia, Clay and I went for my latest ultrasound to check out the newest little McGillivray. Brett really doesn’t want to know what the gender is this time so we haven’t found that out.

This is the baby’s profile:

Kinda hard to see, this is just a picture that shows the baby’s little foot:

Baby’s heart-rate today was 161 bpm.

Also, Clay took his first steps a couple of weeks ago. It was really out of the blue at the time so I didn’t have a camera around to capture it. I would have had no way of being prepared to catch that on video. We were just lucky that Brett and I were both in the room and looking at Clay in the moment that it happened. I got so excited that he had taken his first steps (4 steps, walking from Brett to me) but then it never happened again and a couple weeks passed. But this week he seems a little more interested in walking again and Julia caught this little video of Clay walking from me to Brett this evening. 11 steps!

He doesn’t say many words yet, he’s still just saying “Hi” with a little wave but it’s pretty cute. Brett and I took him to Home Depot yesterday to pick out some paint colours for our basement. While we were waiting for our paint a lady came and stood in line and Clay noticed her. He tilted his head to the side, smiled, waved and said “hi” and then just kept his head tilted to the side while he smiled a little longer haha.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll update a little sooner next time 🙂


One thought on “My little toddler!

  1. Milestones, first steps for one child and an outline of the next one on the way. It’s kind of fitting that you happened to get a snap of a little foot whilte Clay is learning to walk.

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