Week 26 and braces off :)

That was Clay this morning 🙂 He thinks it’s so funny when our cat plays with his toys.

I don’t have much to update on as you may have noticed by the lack of updates. I do have an updated belly shot, I’ve been really bad about not taking regular pictures this time around.

Here’s me and baby this week at 26 weeks along:

I think the last picture I took was about 10 weeks ago at 17 weeks:
17 weeks

I’m definitely feeling really huge and uncomfortable now, definitely feeling pregnant at this point. Luckily the pregnancy seems to be going by pretty quickly which is great. Although, I’m trying to soak up every minute that I have left with just Clayton before the new baby arrives. I don’t want to miss any of his adorable baby moments by being too pre-occupied thinking about the new baby. And I’ve been feeling guilty about how Clay will feel when we bring the baby home. Which is funny I guess because Clay has actually been really lucky to have all this one-on-one time with his parents, the new baby will really never get to experience that at all. But at the same time, I’m sure that even after we bring the baby home it will still be all about Clay because he is crazy right now. He makes me sooo nervous, he’s running and climbing on all of our furniture. He can get himself up onto all of the couches but he seems to have no understanding of the edge of the couch or that he will fall off backwards if he throws himself around the way he does. He also doesn’t realize that he’s too little to walk down the stairs like a big kid. He just wants to step right off the stair and then falls on his face. Scary scary scary.

In other news, I had my braces removed last week which is very exciting! I only have the one photo that I took in the car on the way home. For those with Facebook, it’s already been posted there but for those without Facebook, here I am post braces!


I have a before picture from the doctor but I had to crop it alot because it really wasn’t a pretty picture. It’s not a smiling picture it’s my mouth pried open with plastic hooks…just not good. Anyway here’s a before and after…don’t click on them for close ups haha. If I understood photoshop I would whiten my teeth here but clearly I don’t 🙂



When the picture is taken straight on, you can’t really tell how far the one tooth was pushed out but you could really tell at an angle, like here:

So, I’m happy to have them straight and I’m really happy to have the braces off because they hurt haha.

So that’s it for news in our lives right now. I think we’ll be in BC later this month with Grant and Erna which we’re looking forward to so maybe I’ll have another post after that.

Here’s a picture of Clay and his buddy, 3 month old Dietrich, hanging out in their pj’s yesterday evening at game night. This is pretty much what my life will look like in another 3 months, 2 babies under 2, yikes!



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