Getting ready for baby and an update on our basement…

I just realized that I haven’t posted any updates on the progress of our basement development. So here are a few before and after shots of what we’ve completed so far.

When you first walk down the stairs, there is a long hallway on your right which looks like this:


The hallway is a little shorter now because we added a washroom in the back corner which is located behind the wall with the cabinetry here. Since we were relocating our plumbing for the washroom, we wanted to have our laundry in the same area so that we could tie into the water system. This cabinetry was our way of hiding the laundry. I also wanted it to be in the same location as the main rec space so that I could keep an eye on Clay while doing/folding laundry.


Directly to the right of the laundry is where the space opens up into our rec room.




And here is the other side of the rec space where Clay has lots of room to play with his toys and draw on his chalkboard wall. The door you see at the other side of the room leads into the bedroom that we added. I didn’t take a picture of that though because Julia is currently renting that room. I should mention, the wires you’re seeing hanging from the ceiling are for surround sound but we haven’t installed the speakers, slowly but surely. It’s a great functional space though already.


Here’s a before shot of the space that was turned into the 4th bedroom. We cut into the foundation to make a really nice big bedroom window as well so it’s much brighter now.


This is the washroom that we added. It’s a narrow room so it’s a little hard to get a good picture of it but it also has a shower.


Finally, if you were to turn to the left as soon as you walk down the stairs there is a door which leads to a little gym and also an unfinished storage room.


We have plans to mount a TV on the wall in the gym as well, we have the cable installed but haven’t prioritized the TV yet.

So that’s it! Still a few small things to finish, we have to paint the doors and trim and want to add in an area rug or two but we’re already making great use of our new space.

Personally, my priority lately has been getting as much together for our new baby as I can. We don’t have a completed nursery (as in decorated) because we don’t know if the baby is a girl or boy. But we’re planning for the baby to spend the first couple months sleeping in our room so that will be plenty of time for us to get a nursery together. When Clay was born, we were given a great little moses basket and stand which he slept in perfectly in our bedroom. However, after moving into his crib, the moses basket was sitting on the ground holding some of Clay’s stuffed animals and our Cat decided to pee in it 😦

So this needed to be addressed prior to bringing the new baby home. We bought a product to remove the cat urine from the basket and then Brett spray painted it white. I can’t smell anything, so hopefully that’s done with. Then I bought fabric and cotton batting and made a new mattress and all new bedding for it. The previous bedding was blue and green and since we don’t know the baby’s gender I just went with all off-white fabrics. Now we have an adorable little bassinet for the baby πŸ™‚



I’ve also gotten everything packed up for the hospital. I doubt we’ll need it any time soon but I figured between Brett being away at work and Julia being in South Sudan, I might as well have everything ready to go in case I’m driving myself to the hospital πŸ™‚ (lets all hope this baby does NOT come early) We have a hospital bag ready for me, a basket with a few items for a baby boy and a baby girl (whichever we do not have, we’ll donate to the hospital for another baby) and then finally Clay’s big brother gift. He’ll get it when he comes to the hospital to meet the baby. There’s an awesome big brother badge for him to wear and a gift from his new sibling, some mega leggo blocks, a puzzle and a couple of story books about becoming a big brother. So hopefully enough activities to keep him somewhat occupied at the hospital.


And in the meantime, we have a new baby doll at the house for Clay πŸ™‚ I told my Mom in the summer that I wanted to get Clay a baby doll so that I could teach him that he has to be gentle with the baby, he can’t throw it etc. And also, I thought it would be helpful for him to have his own baby for when the real baby arrives. That way when we have to bath the baby, he can bath his baby etc. So Mom sent out a baby doll for Clay that he received this afternoon and has already started practicing to be the best big brother. He held the baby on the couch and even tried to give it a kiss on it’s head!




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