Happy New Year!

This post is really photo heavy!

I hope everyone had a really great holiday season. We had a lot happening over the holidays so I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to update this even though there has been so much to update on lately!

I’ll just start off with this video from last week. I love it!

Okay, now I’ll go back to where I left off.

We were discharged from the hospital about a week before Christmas I think which was a wonderful surprise. I don’t think we had too much notice of the discharge but we were really excited to get to go home and be a family of four. We were really feeling drained being split up with Clay at home and one of us at the hospital with Foster at all times. And being home has been wonderful! Foster isn’t seizure free but he’s doing well. He’s probably averaged about a seizure a day since we’ve been home and he has a couple of medications that we administer daily for him but we haven’t needed to use his rescue medications yet (which would be a seizure lasting more then 5 minutes or 3 in an hour.) He has his first follow up appointment tomorrow morning in the neurology department at the Children’s Hospital so I think they’ll take his new weight then and may make some adjustments to his medication dose.

We arrived home just in time to do some decorating and have a really nice Christmas break with my Mom and Sister here as well. Here are some of our pictures from this Christmas.

IMG_7495_edited-1 IMG_7499_edited-1 IMG_7504_edited-1 IMG_7505_edited-1 IMG_7614_edited-1 IMG_7619_edited-1 IMG_7694_edited-1 IMG_7744_edited-1 IMG_7747_edited-1 IMG_7759_edited-1 IMG_7761_edited-1 IMG_7783_edited-1 IMG_7790_edited-1 IMG_7801_edited-1 IMG_7803_edited-1 IMG_7818_edited-1 IMG_7841_edited-1 IMG_7859_edited-1 IMG_7864_edited-1 IMG_7889_edited-1 IMG_7903_edited-1 IMG_7938_edited-2 IMG_7949_edited-2 IMG_7951_edited-1

The last few of those were actually from New Years Eve.

When Clay was little (he’s so big now haha) we took monthly pictures of him beside his teddy to measure his growth over the first year of his life. We’ve been doing the same with Foster, I just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet. So since he became two months old this past week, here are his first two photos.

photo 2

photo 1

And these are just a few cute pictures from the past week that I’ve already shared on Facebook but for those of you without, here they are again.

Cute little Foster wide awake and showing off his adorable dimples.

My little guys together.

And Foster modeling his new hat and mitts that Nana made him.

My Mom went back home to Ontario on Thursday and I think we only have Julia here for a couple more days then it sounds like her work will be sending her off somewhere new for another three months. Brett goes back to work tomorrow morning, starting his new position in Calgary. I think that will be a nice change having him home every night, although I’ll definitely miss having him home all day every day for a week straight which is what his schedule previously was, one week on one week off. It just makes more sense to have him in Calgary all the time while we figure things out with Foster. And hopefully we’ll be able to get better control of Foster’s epilepsy when his growth slows down a bit. I think it’s hard right now because he outgrows his medication dose quickly with it being based on his weight.

I’ll just end with this adorable video because I can’t remember if I ever posted it and it’s one of my favourites!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thanks, Kendra! What a sweet video With the hat, and the spinning one just makes me giggle! Foster is so much bigger already!! Remember I could come give you some in-home time; Greg would just ship me down!! Robyn was a grooms maid in a wedding here this weekend, and thankfully just got back safely despite VERY slippery roads near Edmonton! She loves to spend time with your boys and you too! Laurie

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