February 17th…

Hi Everyone!

It’s Family Day long weekend here which means that Brett had today off work, really nice actually. I’ve been so used to seeing him for a full week at a time when he was doing his shift work. Since he’s been back to working Monday to Friday, it seems like we see him a little less because he goes to bed pretty early to get up early for work. Anyway, definitely makes us appreciate the long weekends!

Also happened to be Valentines weekend and I received some lovely flowers. Brett and I have started doing a date night every Friday (we have pre-determined dates for the year) and so Valentines day fell on our “Chinese Food and movie of my pick” night. The date card specified a romantic comedy and since Brett would NEVER pick a rom-com, that made it my movie choice 🙂

photo (41)

Aside from date night, we haven’t done much this weekend. Clay had an appointment this morning to get his first real haircut. I say real because he’s had numerous cuts from myself and Brett but what do we know about cutting a little boy’s hair. Since it was his first time at the hair dressers, I thought we needed some photo documentation. Our family photo albums are just riveting with this type of content.

IMG_0408_edited-1 IMG_0410_edited-1 IMG_0411_edited-1 IMG_0413_edited-1

And the finished product…

IMG_0417_edited-1 IMG_0418_edited-1

Notice Clay got the pink and purple Barbie Jeep for his hair cut….he’s too young to complain, probably why they put him in it. Anyway, now Clay looks very employable.

I tried to take some updated pictures of cute little Foster today too. He’s a tricky one to get a good picture of, he’s actually way more adorable then he appears in photos haha. But the main thing is that he gets upset when you take his soother away, so it’s really hard to get a good picture of him without a big plastic soother in his mouth.

IMG_8301_edited-1 IMG_8306_edited-1 IMG_8309_edited-1 IMG_8315_edited-1 IMG_8326_edited-1 IMG_8377_edited-1



4 thoughts on “February 17th…

  1. Wonderful!! So glad you posted all those photos! Clay is definitely a toddler now with, as you say, “an employable look”. Sometimes his demeanour says he didn’t need the jeep or pad, he’d have sat this way anyway!! Little Foster is so beautiful, if sometimes looking sad about the loss of his soother. Your date night sounds like such a good idea…even better that everything is planned, so no quick decisions that might disappoint. Happy February! Laurie

  2. When you say Clay was too young to complain I assume you mean about the colours. They’re never to young to complain about the first trip to a barbershop. He did amazingly well. I remember your uncle David objecting so loudly that the barber had to hang a “closed” sign on the door, pull down all the blinds, and get on with it.
    As for depriving Foster of his soother, don’t forget that the most famous portrait of a scowling Churchill was made just after Karsh had taken his cigar away from him.
    As always, thanks for the pix and the updates. And treasure those Friday night dates.

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