I’ve been meaning to write for a while about how wonderful this place is but I haven’t gotten around to it.  I remember the first time I drove here with Foster. He was two weeks old and his doctor had made a referral for him to be seen by a pediatric neurologist, it was supposed to be just a 30 minute appointment and I knew that driving up to the building. But I’d never actually been to a Children’s Hospital before, I had no idea what it was really, aside from hearing the horribly sad stories about the children during radiothons to raise money. I remember feeling really sick driving up to this building with my newborn baby. I thought it was so eerie that the outside of the building looks so happy, like it’s built from leggo blocks with these big cheerful letters spelling out the sign. And yet behind those walls were such sick kids. In our first weeks here, I thought that working at a children’s hospital would be the saddest job in the world. But after being here for a while, you start to see behind the walls and into the rooms. And I have to say, the sights are really beautiful, really makes you see how loved these kids are and how celebrated their lives are. No child is taken foregranted in this place, every minute is appreciated. Even when a baby is up crying all night long it’s an opportunity for the mommy to hold and comfort that baby, an opportunity that might not exist next month.

I was chatting with one of our doctors the other day and in conversation mentioned that we don’t have a family photo of the 4 of us  (I guess in reality, we do have one picture of the 4 of us from Christmas time but Brett doesn’t particularly like that picture.) Anyway, a photographer arrived at my room the next day. How amazing is that? They also had their Child Life lady come by and make a little keepsake of the boys footprints side by side. We have an exceptionally wonderful outdoor facility here for the Children and now that the weather has warmed up a bit we’ve been able to go out to play during the days. We have a huge playground, mini golf, soccer and basketball areas, a race track and numerous indoor play areas that Clay has been taking advantage of on the cold days. I also did not realize just how family oriented this hospital is. I spent over two months trying to make arrangements for Clay during the days because I had to be at the hospital with Foster. Then eventually I decided that Clay had to start spending the days at the hospital because only seeing his Mom on weekends wasn’t okay (I don’t go home at all during the week.) So my perfectly healthy child Clay, moved on into the hospital as well and has happily spent the last two weeks here every day. He plays most of the day and naps all afternoon in a play pen in our washroom 🙂 Apparently, Clay is not the only sibling of a sick child that subsequently also lives most of the time at the hospital. There is actually an entire program here dedicated to those kids. The volunteers come to our room to pick him up every morning at 10:00am and bring him to playgroup for 2 hours, all free of course. And then there’s another daycare downstairs that you can sign siblings into also for free, if you need it at a different time then the playgroup.

So since I just got these, here’s some family photos from our home away from home.

Foster 11Apr14 012 Foster 11Apr14 013 Foster 11Apr14 014 Foster 11Apr14 015 Foster 11Apr14 016 Foster 11Apr14 025 Foster 11Apr14 031 Foster 11Apr14 035 Foster 11Apr14 036. Foster 11Apr14 036 Foster 11Apr14 042 Foster 11Apr14 045 Foster 11Apr14 052 Foster 11Apr14 059 Foster 11Apr14 096 Foster 11Apr14 099 Foster 11Apr14 100


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  1. It’s wonderful to see the four of you together interacting. Alberta Children’s Hospital is an amazing place. I am so grateful that it exists.

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