May 6th…

(Just realized this one never was posted, so its from May and I just figured I’d post it anyway now.)

Been a while! We’re still residents here in the hospital but getting closer to going home every day 🙂 Foster has been having lots of day passes and had his first two overnight passes this past weekend which was lovely. Brett and I spent Sunday afternoon trying to get his nursery ready for him. Foster has officially kicked Clayton out of his room. Clay used to have the bigger room but now with all of the equipment that’s coming home with Foster and the fact the someone will be up all night in his room with him every night, it made more sense for Foster to get the bigger room. So now I have two bedrooms to organize and decorate, one for each. That will be a fun project for the next few months, it will be nice to have normal mommy projects to focus on rather then medical stuff.

And speaking of normal mommy projects, Clayman turned two years old on Saturday! We had a little birthday celebration for him with all of his little buddies in our basement. It actually came together okay considering that I was at the hospital right up until the day before the party but luckily I had some help. Julia and a friend of ours Valerie, baked up all the cupcakes and dirt cake and my friend Jade had found a bunch of mustache themed decorations and put them all on hold for me. And then probably my favourite thing was the cute little bow ties my mom made for all of the little guys! We had bow ties and little foam glasses with mustaches attached to them for all the kiddos. So those were all great time savers! I didn’t get around to taking a single picture during the party but luckily my friend Nada took tons and loaded them all up onto Facebook so I was able to steal them for my memories 🙂 Clay has definitely started acting like a two year old…oh…my…goodness. We have a slide in our basement and seriously any time a child got within 5 feet of that slide Clay ran over and pushed them down! He’s a handful now. I think he was a little overwhelmed having so many kids in his space and playing with his toys. He’s used to going over to their houses and playing with their toys which he’s just fine with haha. We didn’t open gifts during the party, I think Clay would have found it all too overwhelming but he was so spoiled by everyone. He was literally drowning in gifts when it was time to open presents. I’ve decided not to move any of his new toys down into the playroom until I have a chance to first pack up all of the toys that he no longer plays with. It’s easy to just add to the collection but then it’s impossible to keep it all organized.

Even little Foster was able to be home for Clayman’s birthday party. He slept through the whole thing, he’d had a bit of a rough morning with 23 seizures between 8:00am and 10:30am (the party started at 10:30) so needless to say, he was exhausted. We’re back in our hospital room now and Foster is having another MRI tomorrow. His soft spot has been swollen for the last three weeks. They’ve been measuring his head circumference once a week and plotting it on a graph and I guess that his head is growing a little faster then his body and then with his soft spot also being swollen they want to take another scan of his brain and check for fluid in or on his brain. So that’s tomorrow. He’s had a couple MRI scans in the past so at the very least they’ll have something to compare and see if there are any obvious changes going on in there.

Here are my lovely stolen pictures from Clayton’s party 🙂

Collage (3)

Collage (1)

Collage (2)



Clay didn’t know how to blow out the candle at his party but at dinner time Brett lit another candle, brought him out a cupcake and we sang happy birthday again. This time, he got the blowing thing down and then wanted us to light his candle and do it over and over and over again…..I think we sang him happy birthday about 4 or 5 times and he kept blowing out his candle!



One thought on “May 6th…

  1. Hey, Kendra, it IS great to hear from YOU! And the photos are cute. When we were in Calgary last month we wanted to see you, but maybe this week.

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