July 20th 2015…

This post is going to be very photo heavy! I try to print a family photo album for each year and to make that task easier  I try to keep our photos organized through the year in monthly folders. Anyway, while saving all of our photos from this summer so far into their appropriate folders, I realized that we’ve had so many fun days already this summer. So this post is sort of our summer 2015 family album recap. IMG_0287_edited-1 IMG_0319_edited-2 IMG_0329_edited-1 IMG_0331_edited-1 IMG_0339_edited-1 IMG_0356_edited-1 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1698 IMG_1704 IMG_1708IMG_0396_edited-1 IMG_0408_edited-1 IMG_0417_edited-1 IMG_0422_edited-1 IMG_0426_edited-1 IMG_0429_edited-1 IMG_0435_edited-1 IMG_0448_edited-1 IMG_0449_edited-1 IMG_0455_edited-1 IMG_0466_edited-1 IMG_0475_edited-1 IMG_0483_edited-1 IMG_0488_edited-1 IMG_0507_edited-1 IMG_0516_edited-1 IMG_0519_edited-1 IMG_0535_edited-1 IMG_0544_edited-1IMG_1744_edited-1 IMG_1747_edited-1IMG_0558_edited-1 IMG_0585_edited-1 IMG_0598_edited-1 IMG_0599_edited-1 IMG_0601_edited-1 IMG_0606_edited-1 IMG_0640_edited-1 IMG_0651_edited-1 IMG_0660_edited-1 IMG_0671_edited-1 IMG_0673_edited-1 IMG_0685_edited-2 IMG_0688_edited-1 IMG_0690_edited-1 IMG_0707_edited-1 IMG_0718_edited-1 IMG_0732_edited-1

IMG_182 IMG_1980 (2) IMG_1981 (2) IMG_1983 (2) IMG_1984 (2)

IMG_9939_edited-2 IMG_9945_edited-1 IMG_9947_edited-1 IMG_0768_edited-1 IMG_0771_edited-1 IMG_0773_edited-1 IMG_0774_edited-1 IMG_0781_edited-1 IMG_0784_edited-1 IMG_0788_edited-1 IMG_0792_edited-1 IMG_0818_edited-1 IMG_0832_edited-1 IMG_0850_edited-1 IMG_0853_edited-1 IMG_0886_edited-1 IMG_0896_edited-1 IMG_0915_edited-1 IMG_0937_edited-1 IMG_0946_edited-1 IMG_0949_edited-1 IMG_0968_edited-2 IMG_0985_edited-1 IMG_0986_edited-1 IMG_0990_edited-1 IMG_0992_edited-1 IMG_1010_edited-2


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